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Are you stressed on a regular basis, struggling with a heavy workload but not sure how best to handle it all? Do you find yourself biting your nails or constantly fidgeting in an effort to deal with everything going on round you? You are not alone, modern life is hectic and extremely stressful. There are a variety of ways to deal with this stress and ignoring it or avoiding the situation is not an option.

You may consider slime to be a child’s toy and it can certainly be used as one. However there is something deeply satisfying about poking, prodding and stretching a piece of slime. It makes you feel better about life, releases endorphins into your system which calms your stress and distracts you from the situation for a moment. This allows you to appreciate it for what it really is in the grand scheme of things, not something that is worth getting stressed about in the first place .



  • 300g tub
  • Mould different shapes
  • Make fun figures
  • Stretch it or blow slime bubbles
  • Great for sensory play
  • Great for destressing
  • For use by kids and adults
  • Non-toxic
  • Colours will be sent at random
  • Allow 10 working days for delivery

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